Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Trendy Warmer

Have you seen in the news the latest craze in Japan? They opt to use sole warmer. Since its their culture to remove their shoes in entering a house or a temple, they are now comfortable even when a house do not have any heater.

Variations! Variations!

Here's something new. This was a variation on a set of jewelry wore by a well-known Filipino beaty queen and actress Ruffa Gutieres in the film Desperada. The design is much similar but different stones are used. Twisted pink delica is added to give life and feminine look.


Kind of confuse which brand of shapoo to used. Whoooo, do not be decieved of the currents ads especially those endorsed by big stars!!!! Those bounty hair were just camera/computer tricks. Better consult hair specialist on what shampoo is fitted to the type of hair you have.