Friday, May 16, 2008

making jewelry molds

I posted here a video on how to mold jewelry. It was so simple and you can design your own piece. I just don't know yet on how and where can I get the molder. I'll keep posted as soon I've searched in depth about the machine... Well if you know anything about the molder being used, please let me know.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

my top blog sites

i just come came across with site they have this contest as to nominate top 10 blog sites. well, as i browsed over the sites 29 sites among the 59 listed (this is as of week 3), i have listed 10 sites which i'm interested to regularly visit: (this is not in order of my preference)
  1. Visit Sagada
    well good to know that there's someone who's brave enough to create a blog specifically for a place like Sagada... thanks, i know now where to visit if i plan to go there or if anybody who would like to go there.

  2. Filipino Voices
    I like the commentaries

  3. Manila Foodistas
    I like food, great to know some places, although we might not have same food preferences... have an idea now that I should have taken pix of the food in the places that I visited - during my food tripping

  4. Blissfully Domestic
    Cute site

  5. Creative Curio
    I like the comments on designs and glossary

  6. Davao Deli
    As I discussed awhile ago, I like food and travelling, so great to know how to food trip in Davao, if I'll be back there

  7. Just Creative Design
    I like the graphic design tips, articles & resources
    but some articles were not accessible (did not display)

  8. IE Student
    I like the unique news, specially the mono bike

  9. Techy Kid
    Nice articles

  10. Skelliewag
    Nice articles

Training on website development

Hi! I'm back....
I'm now attending the traing with Ms Janet on how to make a website at little cost!!! Hmmppp, sound hard... and it's really hard! 1st day, we have to conceptualize our site. Yup, it's really hard... you must realy be serious when entering into it, you have to know your goal, and most specially be prepared on all the background of your project...
but the training is so interesting and exciting!
So.... i'll publish the site as soon as i have created one!!!!!